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If you struggle deciding on which product is best every time you shop online, FEAR NO MORE.

Our trusty product review team is here to assist you in every element of picking out the perfect product.  Whether it’s a gift for yourself, a loved one, or just a friend, the Internet, and especially Amazon.com, can be filled with information that may steer you in the wrong direction.

Our well researched reviews come from experience.  As Internet Pioneers, we’ve been online since the mid 1990’s, back when almost nothing was deemed to be legit on the Internet.  We’ve seen the hype, the scams, the booms, and the busts, and we’re here to set the record straight in every product category that we can tackle from the confines of our cozy South Florida office.

Each review is set up to share with you our team’s consensus selection on which product is the best one in every vertical, but we’ll also share with you “Value Plays” where the price simply screams “buy me.”

Regardless of how other sites operate, we are not a “pay for position” type of site.  We do not alter our views for compensation!

We strive to make this a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy shopping online and want to share their comments with others.  If you ever have anything to say about a product, or have a question, please leave a comment in the corresponding thread and one of our team members will answer it promptly.

Happy Shopping!

The Team at RatedProducts.com

About Us
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