Best Green Tea Buying Guide

Best Green Tea Buying Guide

Green tea – the one beverage that everyone is supposed to drink, but not many actually do. If you are a coffee enthusiast, for instance, a cup of green tea might sound too “weak” for you – but green tea actually has a couple ingredients that make this drink superior to coffee.

Green tea is a stimulant, and is, in a way, coffee’s “little sister.” It can give you the energy – but without the appearance of the jitters. Plus, there are actually some people out there who cannot handle coffee’s acidity. That’s why green tea is a suitable choice for them.

Green tea comes with various aromas and varieties – but everything depends on the way it is prepared. Needless to say, a cup of green tea is generally enough to get you started on your day with a healthy dose of energy.

Top Green Teas

Name Type Quantity
Shrinksta Skinny Green Tea Organic 20 sachets
Yoki Pure Green Tea Antioxidant 20 sachets
Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea Gunpowder 18 sachets
Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Multi-fruit 20 sachets
Harney and Sons Citron Green Tea Citron Green 20 sachets
Yuves Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder Matcha 2.4 oz
Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green 20 sachets
Uncle Lee Organic Green Tea Organic 100 sachets
Tazo Green Tips Tea Green Tips 20 sachets
MatchaDNA Organic Green Tea Matcha 12.8 oz

Green tea can be found in various shapes and forms, but the result is generally all the same: a cup can give you an energy boost almost equal to a cup of coffee. It can help you burn more calories, it can help you be more focused, and it fights against cancer.

Here are some popular choices that are highly appreciated by green tea maniacs. The Shrinksta Skinny Green Tea seems to be the most popular choice, but the other ones are not too bad either. Each of them has a formula that benefits your health as well as your taste buds.

  1. Shrinksta Skinny Green Tea

This green tea is a slight combo between coffee and green tea. It dissolves and looks like coffee, but it has all the benefits brought by green tea. It’s a healthy, organic alternative to coffee that will allow you to start your day with a proper caffeine kick, without worrying about the jitters.

Shrinksta green tea is a great solution for multiple purposes: it can help you lose weight, it gives you energy, and it provides you the amino-acids and antioxidants that you need. It’s medicine in a sachet, and it only takes a few moments to make.


  • It’s rich in antioxidants
  • It contains only natural ingredients
  • It gives you an energy and immunity boost
  • It has high slimming properties


  • Too much can lead to loose stool
  • The high caffeine concentration can be dangerous for some people

  • Formula

This green tea has been packed with many herbal extracts, sans the additives and other harsh chemicals. If you are one for organic products, then this product is definitely up your alley.

The coffee is Vegan, Halal, and Kosher, and it has four active ingredients that will improve both your body and mind. First, you have an extract of green coffee beans, to curb your appetite and boost your slimdown process. Add some Garcinia Cambogia in the mix as well, and you have the perfect slimdown recipe.

The Acai berry is another active ingredient that will boost your energy levels and improve your circulation. Thanks to this, you’ll feel less tired – and combined with the last ingredient, Ganoderma, you’ll have more stamina throughout the rest of the day.

Aside from being a stamina booster, the Ganoderma is also a good appetite suppressant. It will fool your stomach into thinking it’s no longer hungry, which means you will eat less – and therefore lose weight.

  • The Bottom Line

This drink doubles as both coffee and tea, and it is perfect for anyone looking for a metabolism boost. Containing 20 packs, this can last up to three weeks, depending on how often you drink your coffee.

Plus, it’s all natural and packed with antioxidants. It’s health in a sachet and it’s perfect if you are looking for an energy boost brewed within a cup.

  1. Yogi Pure Green Tea

If you are on the lookout for something to replace your usual afternoon coffee cup, then the Yogi Pure Green Tea might prove to be a good solution for you. Containing no additive or extra flavors, this one brings the classic taste of tea into a simple cup.

Prepared in a delicate manner, this pack is a healthy alternative that will help you regain your vitality and improve your stamina. Plus, consumed in healthy dosages, this one will help you burn fat and lose weight much faster.


  • It has organic ingredients
  • Strong, delightful aroma
  • It curbs the appetite
  • Powerful antioxidant


  • Some people say that the caffeine boost is fairly strong
  • Formula

The formula of this green tea is based mostly on antioxidants. When they are released into the cup, this tea helps your body fight against free radicals caused by stress, pollution, aging, and so on. Plus, considering that this pack is infused with amla and grapeseed extracts, the antioxidant effect is even stronger.

This tea also includes slight hints of citrus and lemongrass – along with a touch of jasmine and licorice for extra scent. All ingredients are organic, which means that aside from being a super-antioxidant, this is also a 100% organic product.

All these ingredients combined will help you fight high cholesterol levels, suppress your appetite, and will give you vitality for the rest of the day. And all this without infusing the teas with chemicals that will cause you harm in the long run.

  • The Bottom Line

There are several green teas around, but the Yogi is definitely one that has the most powerful antioxidant effects. If you want to hang on to your youth and maybe drop a few pounds in the long run, you should definitely give this tea a chance.

  1. Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder green tea is generally the best solution if you want a compact tea that blooms into big, flavored leaves. Once it comes in contact with hot water, it releases all the nutrients into the water – the antioxidants that give you the much-desired energy.

This product is certified and free of chemicals – and it can be called organic in every way possible. It is also free of additional fragrances, and the green tea has the exact taste and aroma you would expect from a cup of traditional Japanese tea.


  • It contains organic ingredients
  • It is easily prepared
  • It has a strong aroma
  • High caffeine content if prepared properly


  • It may take more time to infuse compared to other instant teas
  • Formula

The focus of this tea is highly on its antioxidant concentration. This way, the product is great for those wanting to lower their cholesterol levels and drop a few pounds in the meantime. Packing mainly bioflavonoids, this one is a healthy alternative to coffee, being moderately caffeinated and offering you an energy boost.

Plus, considering that it packs L-theanine and half the amount of caffeine from the usual coffee cup, this one can make you more alert without making you feel jittery.

It is gluten-free and packs only Fair Trade Certified organic green tea pearls. So, this tea is non-addictive and can help you keep various conditions at bay.

  • The Bottom Line

Overall, this tea is a well of youth filled with antioxidants that will help you fight against free radicals. It contains no artificial flavors, sugars, or additives that will change its taste – so if you prefer sweeter tones in your drink, you may want to mix it with some honey. This way, its efficiency will not be compromised.

  1. Lipton Green Tea Superfruit

We all like the benefits of green tea – but sometimes, we may like a few extra flavors to go along with it. Green tea in itself is relatively bitter – and unless it’s combined with sweeter teas or honey, it may not be too flavorful.

This green tea combines a variety of fruits to make it sweeter without the addition of sugar and other sweeteners. It is also the perfect drink to have around, no matter if you prefer cold or hot drinks.


  • A multitude of flavors
  • It can be served both hot and cold
  • It has a smooth taste
  • It contains organic ingredients


  • It may be too sweet for some people
  • It is fairly expensive
  • The fruity taste is not that strong
  • Formula

The leaves from this Lipton tea are grown in a variety of countries, but they all originate from India, Kenya, and Tanzania. The blend is based on green tea leaves that have been slightly processed, mixing jasmine, passion fruit and orange for an extra hint of fragrance.

The orange tones help tame the bittersweet taste of the green tea, while the 80g of flavonoids help suppress your appetite – therefore allowing you to lose weight much faster.

This tea also includes a variety of antioxidants that can help maintain the natural functions of your body. It will help you fight against the free radicals, and it will slow down the aging process. It’s made to be a medicine for longevity while also incorporating subtle notes for the taste.

The green tea formula was also made to be easily infused. Packing finely-chopped leaves, the caffeine content is at its finest – but not high enough to make you feel jittery. It’s organic, and it will make you feel alert for a longer time.

  • The Bottom Line

If you are looking for something tasty that has the same beneficial effects of pure green tea, then Lipton might be a fairly good choice for you. It’s 100% organic, it’s super-tasty, and you won’t even have to sweeten it even if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

  1. Harney and Sons Citron Green Tea

If you are looking for something with a relatively sweet flavor, then this green tea may be the perfect thing for you. Owned by a family who decided to turn pleasure into business, this company has been coming up with new tea varieties for more than 30 years.

This tea box, in particular, is one of the most flavored teas you can come across from this brand – and it’s also said to be one of the best on the market, for which reason it also made the top here. It appeals to tea enthusiasts with its perfect aromas along with the superior taste.


  • Pleasant citrus aroma
  • It is packed with antioxidants
  • It is fully organic
  • It includes subtle notes of apple and chamomile


  • The box may not be able to retain the freshness
  • The sachet is not biodegradable

  • Formula

This lightly flavored green tea is the perfect thing if you are looking to enjoy some fine green tea. Considering that it has also been infused with citrus flavor, you will also get a sweetness that will counter the bitterness of green tea.

Mixing green tea, marigold petals, and orange oils, this fully organic tea is the perfect choice for those looking for a tasty alternative to coffee.

The leaves of this tea have only been slightly oxidized. This way, the antioxidants are not lost, and your mind and body will be able to fully relax. Your metabolism will also be increased, and the improved circulation will allow you to burn fat much faster.

No matter if you add honey to the cup or not, this green tea can help give your body a tasty kickstart. It can soothe your tired mind so that you can continue with your daily chores easily, with an energy boost that will likely last you a couple of good hours.

  • The Bottom Line

This green tea by Harney and Sons comes with a variety of health benefits, along with a taste that will make you look forward to tea time. If you are not that much of a coffee taste fan but like the effect, then changing to this will definitely seem worth it for you. Energy does not have to feel bitter.

  1. Yuves Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you’ve ever watched a classic Japanese movie, then you are probably already familiar with Matcha green tea. Japan takes its tea seriously, to the point where everything has to be brewed perfectly – and a cup of matcha tea beats even the best cup of coffee.

Generally speaking, matcha tea has a higher concentration of caffeine compared to regular green tea. For this reason, it’s the preferred option for addicts enthusiasts who want to live healthily but can’t bring themselves to give up coffee.


  • It has a strong matcha taste
  • High caffeine concentration
  • It features an organic composition
  • It’s not that bitter
  • The color is fresh and vibrant


  • It is fairly expensive considering the amount
  • It may still need some sweetening for some people

  • Formula

This company uses high-quality green tea to make matcha powder. Sporting a vivid green color and a grassy aroma, this tea is as natural as it can be.

While it may not have an organic certification, the company claims touse fully organic products. The only reason why they have not applied for the certification is to be supportive of farms that cannot afford this certification but still want to bring high-quality products to the market.

The leaves are picked in the Nishio region around May. They are de-stemmed, de-veined, air-dried, and stone-grounded by skilled farmers, being processed without the use of chemicals.

This way, the qualities are kept within – which is why this tea is also said to have more antioxidants. To be more precise, the company claims that this powder has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. This is why it is considered a good, natural method to fight internally against free radicals.

This tea is ceremonial-grade, which means that its quality is higher than regular culinary matcha tea. The intention was to create a tea with a strong aroma that will not lose its vibrancy even after the seal was taken off.

  • The Bottom Line

This high-grade tea is a good option if you want to call the quits on coffee – but still want to get the same caffeine kick. Plus, it’s natural, and you won’t be finding yourself with the jitters like you normally would with coffee.

  1. Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea

This world-renowned brand has been providing green tea for us for many years. It is probably one of the most important manufacturers and importers from the UK, and the tea provides a variety of health benefits along with a subtle yet wonderful jasmine flavor.


  • It uses only natural ingredients
  • It contains many anti-aging antioxidants
  • The jasmine negates the bitterness of the green tea


  • The taste is weak if you don’t allow a longer steeping time

  • Formula

To create this formula, Twinings mixed high-quality green tea with white jasmine flower, creating a bittersweet taste that can be enjoyed without the aid of sweeteners.

The jasmine flowers are picked as they are young, being layered together with the tea before they even open. As the night falls, the jasmine petals open up, and the fragrance steeps right into the green tea, creating an elegant and refreshing taste.

This green tea provides a great number of antioxidants along with a good amount of caffeine. Not only will it improve your overall health, but it will also give you the energy to last through the day.

  • The Bottom Line

Those looking to live a healthy life should definitely try green tea – and by adding jasmine into the mix, the bitter aroma turns into something bittersweet that every tea lover will enjoy.

  1. Uncle Lee Organic Green Tea

If you are looking for a strong green tea, then the unique taste of Uncle Lee’s Tea will definitely make you enjoy your afternoons. Considering that it’s a family business that reached its third generation, this uncle certainly knows what he’s doing.


  • Whole tea leaves that allow the tea to retain its aroma
  • Great value for the money
  • The tea is grown and processed organically


  • Since the tea bags aren’t sealed, they can lose their freshness rather quickly

  • Formula

The typical green tea bag would have leaves that have been finely chopped; however, Uncle Lee uses extra large bags where they place whole green tea leaves. This way, the natural flavor is not lost as it has been deposited, and the tea will offer you all the benefits that you need.

The package comes in an extra-large size, with 100 bags that contain around 20-30 mg of caffeine. Everything is organic, including the bags, and the drink can be considered “green” in every way possible.

  • The Bottom Line

This product not only brings benefits galore by packing the whole leaf, but it also offers great value for the money. You will be able to drink it for a longer time, but you’ll also be able to enjoy health benefits that would have otherwise been lost during the processing.

  1. Tazo Green Tips Tea

If you are looking to enjoy a fresh cup of tea that has been grown in the mountains of Zhejiang, China, then this Tazo green tea is definitely something to look up to. Organic and tasty, this fresh tea will make you feel energetic, regardless of the challenges.


  • It is 100% organic, with no flavors or additives
  • It offers great value for the money
  • It features a high antioxidant concentration


  • It has no sweeteners, so it can be bitter

  • Formula

Unlike other teas that pack flowers or fruits for extra taste, this one only uses organically-grown green tea. The taste is pure, and the fact that it only uses green tea makes it very rich in antioxidants.

This tea features a distinctive vegetative taste mostly because it’s made from full green leaves that have been rolled into tips. This way, the aroma is maintained even if the tea stays in storage for a longer time.

Once they come into contact with hot water, the leaves will unfurl – needing only a few minutes until they finish steeping. The final tea is packed with cancer-fighting and anti-aging antioxidants.

  • The Bottom Line

This organically grown product is perfect if you are looking for something of a high quality – something that is also chemical free. A regular diet with this tea will improve your blood circulation, give you energy, and speed up your metabolism so that you can always feel your best.

  1. MatchaDNA Organic Green Tea

  2. If you’re looking for high-quality green tea, then you might want to give MatchaDNA a try. This company has been active since the 18th century, specializing in matcha used for tea ceremonies.


    • It uses only organic ingredients
    • It has no additives or flavors
    • It features a high caffeine content
    • It has great antioxidant powers
    • It offers great value for the money


    • The taste is not that strong
    • Formula

    This tea uses nothing aside from green tea that has been turned into matcha powder. Considering that its formula is so pure, it packs all the nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids that you need to keep your body energetic.

    The formula was made without any sugars and additives – but at the same time, it was made to be less bitter. This way, you can add the product into protein shakes or smoothies to increase their health benefits.

    This powder is very potent, which means that the caffeine, L-theanine, and catechins levels are at the top. Not only will you gain vitality, but you will also look younger and stay healthy.

    • The Bottom Line

    MatchaDNA is, in every way possible, classic matcha. You can use it to make shakes, cakes, teas – anything.

    No matter if it’s sweetened or not, you’ll be able to reap the benefits by only consuming a few tablespoons per day – obviously, prepared within a recipe.

    What Are the Components of Green Tea?

    If you’re going to make green tea your energy go-to, you should at least know what you are drinking exactly.

    Green tea is made from a plant called Camellia Sinensis – a plant that originated from Asia but is now present on most continents around the world. This plant thrives in subtropical climates, in deep soil and high altitude.

    Green tea is actually the one that started off the “tea” line. Herbal teas, for instance, don’t originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant – and are therefore referred to as “tisanes.” But if it’s Camellia Sinensis, it’s definitely tea.

    These are the main components when it comes to tea:

    • Essential oils: These are the actual agents that are responsible for giving your cup of tea its aroma and flavor.
    • Polyphenols: These are responsible for various health benefits, as well as the sensation of astringency in your mouth.
    • Caffeine: Offers an energy boost and is an active ingredient that occurs naturally in coffee, tea, chocolate, and yerba mate.

    Teas are found in various forms: white, green, black, matcha, oolong, and pu-erh. Each of them has a different level of oxidation – but almost the same base.

    Why Would You Drink Green Tea?

    There are many health benefits that have been associated with green tea. In Japan, it is said that drinking this beverage on a regular basis may even prolong your life while also improving its quality. Here are just a few benefits, so to mention:

    • Cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention
    • Lowering cholesterol levels
    • Weight loss aid
    • Better breath
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Anti-aging properties

    Generally, all of these health benefits have their source in the flavonoids (which are actually polyphenols). These flavonoids have a very high antioxidant effect – meaning that they are very effective when it comes to cancer prevention.

    Green tea also includes an amino acid called L-theanine, which stimulates the brain weaves and sends you into a “relaxed alertness” state. For example, while regular coffee acts as a stimulant, the lack of this substance may cause headaches after you’ve had too many cups of coffee.

    It is also one of the reasons why you don’t feel jittery after drinking one cup of green tea.

    What Should You Look for When Buying Green Tea?

    The legend says that the first time humanity discovered green tea, a leaf accidentally fell into a scholar’s pot of boiling water. At that point, you can’t say that they were actually looking for something; it was just a fortunate accident.

    At some point, however, people started harvesting this tea – and made it something you could not spend your afternoons without. Because of this, people realized there are also certain features that make some green teas of a higher quality than others – for example, the way in which they are processed.

    Green teas can taste differently and feel differently depending on the way that they are processed. For example, high-quality green tea leaves will not be processed for more than two hours after they have been harvested. This way, the fermentation process will not start, leaving green tea its antioxidant effects.

    Furthermore, the best time for processing green tea is in April and May. Harvesting it at a different time may still offer it a great taste, but the highest quality taste and aroma will be achieved during those months.

    When Should You Drink Green Tea?

    Ideally, you may want to consume green tea between meals – and not immediately before or after a meal. The reason is that green tea has tannins as a component – which is an active agent with the ability to absorb folic acid and iron.

    This is why, if you consume it with a meal, you will not be able to reap all the nutrients from it. It is best that you consume it two hours after breakfast or two hours after lunch – or both. It will keep you alert enough so that you can get on with your day.

    However, you might want to avoid drinking it too close to bedtime. Ideally, 8-10 hours before going to sleep should be the last time you drink something with caffeine in it.

    Failing to do that will not necessarily mean that you’ll have difficulties falling asleep. You’ll just be waking up too often during the night, literally feeling as if you did not sleep a wink.

    The Caffeine Content of Green Tea

    Most people that buy green tea seem to think that the caffeine content is the same for everyone; however, this will also depend on two factors: the way in which the tea was processed, and the way in which you brew the tea.

    Generally speaking, a cup of tea will contain much less caffeine than a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee has twice the amount of caffeine, without the amount of L-theanine – which is why you end up being hyper-energetic while still feeling like your body is about to fall asleep.

    Thanks to the L-theanine, the caffeine level can relax you – but at the same time, it can also make you feel alert. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind if you want a smaller or a higher amount of caffeine in your system:

    • Steeping time (the more you leave it, the more caffeine comes out)
    • Water temperature (hotter water encourages the caffeine release)
    • Leaf quantity (the more leaves you use, the more caffeine you will get)
    • Leaf age (a younger leave will contain more caffeine)
    • Leaf size (a smaller or chopped leaf will release a higher amount of caffeine)

    Depending on how you brew it, a cup of black tea may have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green tea. There are several types of green tea that have higher concentrations of caffeine (for example, matcha or gyokuro), but it will all depend on the way you prepare it.

    Types of Green Tea

    There are several types of green tea to go for, most of them depending on the brand that you prefer. For instance, if you prefer organic stuff, then Organic Herbal Extract teas may be more up your alley.

    Jasmine Green is also a popular choice, and this can be found in several subcategories, such as orange, passion fruit, jasmine or jasmine green.

    Similarly, you can choose teas that have special flavors – or no flavors at all. Some green teas are also decaffeinated – for those who cannot tolerate caffeine. All of these have the common “green tea” taste base, which can change depending on flavonoids and brewing method.

    Green tea can also be bought in several forms – packed, bottled, gunpowder, hot, or iced. Regardless of your choice, all will have a unique taste and will offer many health benefits.

    What Are the Side Effects of Green Tea?

    Consumed in safe amounts, at appropriate times and in good health, green tea should not cause you any side effects. It may be slightly unsafe for you only if you have certain underlying conditions.

    Here are several side effects that have been reported after excessive amounts of green tea – or other similar circumstances:

    • Anemia, or “tired blood” – Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine may lower your iron absorption, making your anemia worse.
    • Anxiety disorders – Caffeine is known to promote anxiety, which means that excessive amounts of green tea may only make your anxiety worse.
    • Heart conditions – Caffeine is a stimulant, so drinking too much green tea might send your heart into overdrive and make your heartbeat irregular.
    • Bleeding disorders – Once more, caffeine messes with the iron levels in your system – which is crucial for blood circulation. This might increase the risk of bleeding, along with a higher time until a wound cauterizes itself – mainly because the blood won’t be able to clot.
    • Diabetes – Taken in small amounts, green tea has the ability to lower the chances of getting diabetes. However, if you already have this disease, it might affect your blood sugar. Consume green tea with caution if you already have diabetes.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome – Caffeine, particularly if you take it in large amounts, can increase the amounts of stool – sometimes way too fast for the body to handle. This can bring symptoms of diarrhea or IBS.
    • Weak bones: Caffeine can lead to more calcium being eliminated through urine – therefore preventing it from getting absorbed properly. You may either want to limit your green tea intake to maximum three cups per day or take calcium supplements to make up for the loss.
    • Sleeping problems – This generally occurs if you go past 2-3 cups per day or if you drink the last cup too late in the evening. The cup in itself won’t prevent you from falling asleep; it will just wake you up every few hours, disrupting your sleep cycle.

    Basically, if you have heart conditions – or any other condition that may be affected by caffeine, for the matter – you may want to reconsider drinking coffee. If you can’t quit, you should at least limit your consumption.

    Concluding Remarks

    Green tea is a great alternative when coffee is not really your “cup of tea” (pun intended). Some people say that green tea is just a weaker version of coffee – but tea is actually medicine. As long as it is taken properly, it can have great benefits for your body.

    Coffee has various active agents that will make you more alert, mentally active – but relaxed and without feeling the jitters. Still, like with any kind of “medicine,” an overdose can lead to various side effects.

    To prevent them, make sure that you don’t drink more than 2-3 cups of tea per day – and even less if you have a slight intolerance to caffeine. Depending on your taste in tea, one or more of the options above might be up your alley. You just need to make your choice.

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