Best Electric Cars for Kids

Best Electric Cars for Kids

Kids nowadays tend to act as if they are already adults, all grown up and ready to take care of their personal business. What else do they need in order to proceed to their childhood dream? That’s right, a car. More and more kids ask their parents to buy them some sort of cars that are specially made for kids. These cars give them the feeling that they are the drivers of their own lives now, and do not depend anymore on their parents to drive them wherever they want. However, let’s not think too deeply about this matter. It’s not like if you buy a car for your kid, then he will become an adult all of a sudden. It will still be a toy for him.

Nowadays, kid’s cars are very different from what they were ten years ago. In fact, a few years back, we used to see parents who had their children in a non-electric car. They pulled their kid’s car with a rope that was attached to the board of the car. Today, these types of cars are gone. Now, the little citizens actually enjoy the mini versions of real cars, such as Lamborghini, Mustang or Jeep. With a simple push on the pedal that will get the car going, pulling toy cars definitely became a thing of the past.

An electric car would be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your kid. However, since this industry is growing faster than anyone expected, parents may ask themselves: which are the best electric cars for kids? Well, there are a lot of different cars to choose from, with models that are mini versions of the adult cars, or 4×4 models that make it easier for your kids to drive on rough terrains. So, since there are so many mini automobiles, let’s focus on the best of the best. Without going any further with the introduction, these is our top of the best electric cars for kids.

Name Top characteristic Rating
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler A microphone and a radio 5/5
Razor Electric Dune Buggy Pneumatic tires and a great suspension 5/5
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Kids Toy Car Electronic power lock braking system 5/5
Ferrari F-12 Rastar 12V Battery Operated/Remote Controlled Ride-On Car Only 4 hours recharge 4.5/5
Power Wheels Ford F-150 Electric Car for Kids Extreme safety measures 4.5/5
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang High-speed lock-out 4/5
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On The SmartPedal accelerator 4/5
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer Beautiful designs 4/5
Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On Kids Battery Powered Easy-to-use remote control 4/5
Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On Very roomy and extremely realistic looks. 4/5


Now, let’s get into more detail about every item, in order to discover why they are considered the best. Every electric car is special in its own way, so let’s find out what differentiates them from one to another.

  1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

This spacious car from Fisher-Price is just amazing. It has 2 speeds, working doors, a 12-volt battery life and since it can reach a speed of 5 miles per hour, it has an option to restrict it to 2.5 miles per hour. In addition to this, it looks pretty good and imposing, with flames on board from which the word “JEEP” comes out. Moreover, it has a radio that plays a variety of songs and a microphone, so if your kid loves to sing, then this car will make him go insane.

Since it is a Jeep and it has a 12-volt battery, this car can easily go off-road. Although it is not really recommended, it is at least safe to know that hard surfaces or grass will not affect the driving experience. Having a large set of tires provides great endurance.

The fact that it has a high-speed lock feature will make you feel safer, knowing that your kid will not reach a speed that will endanger him. The reverse speed is at 2.5 miles per hour. In addition to this, this car has Power Lock brakes. These will stop the car in less than a second.

This mini Jeep comes with a one-year warranty and it is perfect for adventurous kids.


  • The powerful battery of 12V that makes the car last for a long time
  • It comes with a microphone and radio
  • High-speed lock
  • Power Lock breaks


  • Quite expensive
  • The Bottom Line

Because of the many features that it has, combined with the 12V battery, we believe that currently, this is the best electric car on the market.

  1. Razor Electric Dune Buggy

The Razor Electric Dune Buggy is perfect for kids with a passion for racing. Although it can be dangerous if your kid is not quite ready for high speeds, this car can reach 10 miles per hour and has a 350-watt motor. It also supports up to 120 pounds, so it is recommended for older children.

This car has a bucket seat, a diamond plate floorboard and some knobby tires with a suspension that can give your children the freedom to go everywhere they want. The accelerator is hand controlled as well as the speed and the brake. Also, the brake system is with a rear disk.

With so many speed features, this car will surely provide your children with hours of fun. In addition to that, letting your kid drive around will also make him feel more confident and independent. The quality of the 8-inch pneumatic tires will make your child’s ride feel smooth and comfortable.

Although it is a lighter vehicle, it is also quite strong and durable for its type. So, there is no need to worry about the safety of your child.


  • Best for older kids
  • Pneumatic tires and a great suspension to make it easy to be driven on different types of surface
  • 10 miles per hour speed


  • No reverse gear
  • The throttle is positioned quite far and can be hard to reach for kids with smaller hands
  • The Bottom Line

The 10 miles per hour speed is surely something that will amaze older kids. If you add to that the quality of the pneumatic tires, then we believe that you just found one of the best electric cars for older kids.

  1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Kids Toy Car

The Power Wheels Dune Racer makes the Fisher-Price come back to the top with another great kids’ car. This car is designed to resist to rough terrain. It is also roomy, with enough place for two children. Moreover, the Monster Traction driving system will make it impossible for this car to get stuck in the mud.

The weight limit of this car is of 130 pounds, so it will be almost impossible to break. Your kid will also be protected from getting scratches because of the pair of metal sidebars that will provide a stable hand support. We all know that even if your kid will navigate only through your garden, he can still hurt himself, so these bars are a good addition for the safety of your child.

This car has two driving speeds. One is for high-speed racing and it can reach up to 5 miles per hour, while the other one is for low speed, reaching up to 2.5 miles per hour. In addition to this, the Power Wheels Dune Racer has a 2.5 miles-per-hour reverse gear. If your kid ever lifts his foot from the pedal, this car will automatically stop due to the amazing electronic power lock braking system. Moreover, if you don’t want your kid to reach the top speed, you can lock the car out of the high-speed option.


  • Reverse gear
  • Roomy enough for 2 children
  • Electronic power lock braking system


  • Some buyers argue that the battery life does not last too much
  • The Bottom Line

Although some parents argue that the battery life of this car is lacking, the fact that it is roomy and good looking may be a factor to influence the choice of other customers.

  1. Ferrari F-12 Rastar 12V Battery Operated/Remote Controlled Ride-On Car

This bright yellow mini version of the real Ferrari will instantly amaze you and your child. The Ferrari F-12 has a battery that will make it last for about 90 minutes straight. After that, the battery will need to be recharged for about 4 hours. The charging duration is quite good if you think of other cars of this kind.

However, this is a toddler car and it comes with a remote control so that the parents can control where the car will go. Still, by stepping on the pedal, the kid will be in control of the car. Lifting the foot of the pedal will make the car stop.

The engine motor has a two-speed system. One is forward and the other one is reverse. This car also has some built-in speakers that will captivate your kid’s attention. This way, driving around will never get boring. To make it feel even more realistic, the F-12 Rastar has functional headlamps and turning indicators.

Moreover, it has a key to start the engine and a horn. When turned on, the engine will sound like a real one. The weight capacity for this amazing mini Ferrari is 55 pounds.


  • Key start engine
  • It looks realistic
  • 4 hours recharge


  • 55 pounds weight capacity
  • The Bottom Line

This mini Ferrari is a great electric car that will make your toddler feel like a true driver. The unit simulates perfectly the sound and the looks of a real Ferrari.

  1. Power Wheels Ford F-150 Electric Car for Kids

Very rough and perfect for the sidewalk or driveway, the Power Wheels Ford F-150 is sure to give your child hours of happiness. Very roomy and good-looking, this is one of the best kid cars for two. So, your child can bring a friend with him in his new adventure.

Going off road will not be a big obstacle for this car, so nothing can stand in the way of your kid’s adventures.

Coming with a 12-volt rechargeable battery, this car has some features that will surely make it feel like the real thing. It has an MP3 Jack and a working FM radio so that your child can listen to his favorite music stations. Moreover, it has a truck bed that lifts up and lowers down.

With two speeds, one of 2.5 miles per hour and the other of 5 miles per hour, and a reverse 2.5 miles-per-hour speed, this car is everything your kid needs. If you are worried about safety measures, you should know that this car also has seatbelts.

In addition to this, this car has a high-speed lockout, so it is ultra-safe. You decide when your kid is ready for high speed. It also has power-lock brakes. Designed to give your kid some sense of adventure, this car is easily one of the safest cars in this list. Moreover, it will never get stuck in wet grass or mud.


  • Super safe
  • MP3 jack
  • FM Radio
  • Speed lockout


  • Long battery recharge
  • The Bottom Line

One of the safest electric cars on this list, the Power Wheels Ford F-150 has one of the greatest speed lockout systems that such an item can get. Moreover, due to its other amazing features, this car is surely something to recommend.

  1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang

We believe that the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang can be considered the best muscle car for your toddler. Also, it can easily be considered a car for bigger kids.

It has the looks of the real Mustang, with the running horse grille and the dashboard style that will surely make even adults feel like they see a real Ford Mustang in miniature. This car also features room enough for two, real engine sounds and radio tunes.

In terms of safety, this car has a high-speed lock-out system that will limit its speed to 2.5 miles per hour. Without the lock-out, this car reaches up to 5 miles per hour. However, if your kid will lift his foot off the pedal, the power-brakes will stop the car in no time. In addition to this, the mini Ford Mustang offers your kids the possibility to drive in reverse.

With a 12-volt battery that also includes a 12-volt battery charger, this car will surely be able to resist hard surfaces. So, you can give your toddler the possibility to develop his driving skills with this amazing car. He will also feel more confident and independent while roaming around in his new car.


  • Great looks
  • Roomy enough for two
  • High-speed lock-out


  • Quite sensible at scratches
  • The Bottom Line

This is a great electric car for your kid because it can help him develop his driving skills. Moreover, it is roomy enough for two, so he can bring his friend with him on his new adventures.

  1. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On

This is definitely a car for an adventurous kid. The Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride-On is a car that is predestined for driving around the courtyard. Before engaging in his new adventure, your kid can also take all the stuff he needs in the car because this item comes with a large cargo where the kids can put everything they want.

With this car, the adventures will never be the same. It has an automatic brake system that stops the car whenever the foot is not on the pedal. Besides that, the two-speed shifter gives your kid the possibility to drive forward or reverse and hit a speed of no more than 5 miles per hour. However, if you think that your kid is not ready for high speed yet, you can activate the speed lock out.

With a 12-volt rechargeable battery and a recharger, this car also has a SmartPedal accelerator.

It also comes with adjustable seats and safety belts to keep the kid safe, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. The big advantage of this car isrepresented by the wheels. They are made with super traction so that they can travel on any kind of surface. Another addition is the horn that this ride has.


  • Automatic brakes
  • SmartPedal accelerator
  • Speed lock-out
  • Large cargo


  • Some people complained about the resistance of the recharger
  • The Bottom Line

The SmartPedal accelerator is a unique feature on this list because of the large cargo that allows your kid to carry his favorite toys with him. If your child is overly attached to his toys, then you can really consider it a great choice for him.

  1. Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

Is there a kid who doesn’t love superheroes? If your kid is a Batman fan, then this Power Wheels Dune Racer would definitely be his choice. Roomy enough to bring his friend with him, this car is considered one of the best Power Wheels on the market, having lots of sales and orders. So, you can let your kid venture through his imagination with this new Batman model of electric car.

The amazing Batman graphics will surely amaze your kid and make him want to go in his own crime-fighting adventure. In fact, the 12-volt rechargeable battery will give your children hours of Gotham City adventures.

In terms of safety, it has metal sidebars and smooth rounded edges that are placed on the interior and prevent your child from scratches and cuts. Moreover, it is very durable and can support up to 130 pounds. Just like the other cars on this list, it has a high-speed lock-out that will make you feel calmer. When you think that the kid is ready, you can let him drive through his adventures with a speed of 5 miles per hour.

This is basically a mini ATV, so it is constructed with a Monster Traction that gives your children the possibility to drive on the roughest surfaces. However, if they got stuck somewhere, the reverse gear will get them out of the situation.

Furthermore, if your kid will ever lift his foot off the accelerator, then the power-lock brake system will activate and the car will stop in no time.


  • Power-lock brake system
  • Monster traction
  • Batman graphics


  • The Batman graphics can also become a disadvantage because some kids may not like them so much
  • The Bottom Line

This electric car is the best choice for children who like superheroes due to its amazing designs.

  1. Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On Kids Battery Powered

This is a very stylish car, so it is mainly recommended for children who love extravagant looking cars. If your kid has pure flair and style, then you can buy him the car of his dreams. The Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On will surely make their dreams come true.

Although it is only a toddler car, supporting about 55 pounds, it is perfect for a 2 to 5 years old kid. If your kid is too little to drive himself, you have the possibility to use the remote control and get him wherever you please. Moreover, unlike other toddler cars, this one has a reverse gear.

Due to its 6V 7AH battery, this car will let your child reach a speed of 3 miles per hour. The tires look just like the real car and are quite resistant. This car also gives your child the feeling of driving a real car with its start-up engine noises and sounds.

In terms of safety, this car is provided with seatbelts. In addition to this, the mini Lamborghini Aventador has turn signals, headlights, horn sound buttons and an MP3 jack.


  • 3 miles per hour speed
  • MP3 jack
  • Remote control function


  • Not very roomy
  • Low battery life
  • The Bottom Line

This mini Lamborghini is considered one of the best electric cars for kids because of its extravagant looks and sounds that simulate the real car perfectly.

  1. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Now, we decided to close this top 10 list with the biggest and most realistic looking car on the market. This Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali is a car that has working doors, windshield, windows, side-view mirrors and basically everything that a real car should have. That’s why it is named Rollplay.

Rollplay it a word-game that refers to role-play. And with this car, your kid will surely play the role of a real driver.

This car makes engine sounds, has LED headlights and a horn. Apart from this, it also gives your child the opportunity to listen to his favorite songs with the MP3 connector. The speakers actually sound amazing. Moreover, the interior also has cup holders, so that your kid can take his Nesquick with him wherever he wants.

This is a very roomy car, so there is enough space for a friend in your child’s new adventure.

The large wheels can work fantastic on every kind of surface. Also, in terms of speed, the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali can reach up to 5 miles per hour but can be locked out to only 2.5 miles per hour. When your kid lifts his foot off the pedal, the braking system will stop the car immediately. It also has a battery indicator that tells you when you need to stop and recharge, just like a real car when it comes to refueling.

The 12-volt battery will surely give your children a few hours of driving until coming back for a recharge. Moreover, the RollPlay GMC Sierra Denali has a weight capacity of 130 pounds, so it is suitable for older kids.

To sum all this up, this car is strong, safe and durable.


  • Very realistic looking ride
  • MP3 connection
  • LED headlights
  • Very roomy


  • Quite expensive
  • The Bottom Line

It is very spacious and realistic looking, with LED headlights, doors, and windows. So, theRollplayGMC Sierra Denali will really give your kid the feeling that he drives a real car.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car for Your Kid

There are a few things that you must think about before buying an electric car for your child. Many times, buyers are amazed by the looks of a kid’s car, but after they buy it, they feel disappointed by what they bought.

So, considering the fact that these electric cars have evolved a lot over the years, let’s find out some main features that you must think of before deciding to buy a car for your kid.

  • The battery quality

It is important for an electric car to stay away from the charger. Nobody wants a car that runs out of battery too often. The charging process usually takes a few hours, so if your kid is not very patient, the chances are that you bought this car for yourself. So, checking the battery record on the Internet is the best way to find out if a car is worth buying.

  • The battery chargers

There are two types of battery chargers for a kid’s car. These are the plug-in battery charges and the portable chargers. Let’s find out the differences between these two and why it is important to know this information.

  • Portable chargers:Also called a jump box or a jump starter, this charger is very convenient to use because it requires little maintenance. However, if a battery is completely dead, this charger will not efficiently charge it. Moreover, if it is not a high quality one, a portable charger can also shorten the life of a battery.
  • Plug-in battery chargers: In contrast to the portable charger, this kind of charger is not so convenient to use. However, it has multiple charging modes, like 6-volt or 12-volt. Besides that, these chargers also offer a number of amperage modes. A great feature of plug-in battery chargers is the float charge option. This option facilitates the charging process. More modern plug-in chargers are easier to use because they are more compact than the old ones.

Now that you know the difference between the battery chargers, you may ask yourself how to tell which one is best for you. Well, there are some features that you can look for when asking about the battery charger. These are:

  • Versatility – a battery charger can work both as a charger and an air compressor, so opt for this kind of battery chargers.
  • Charging rates – choose a battery charger that gives you both fast and slow charging rates. Faster charging can be used in special situations, but slower charging is safer because it will not stress the battery too much. The battery life is dependent on the charging rates.
  • Easy to use – Ensure that the charger gives you convenient options. It is important for a charger to work effectively. A charger should usually have an indicator to tell you if the battery is charging or not. Furthermore, the length of the cables is also important because they need to be long enough to reach the car.
  • Safety features – your top concern when looking for a charger is the safety features it has. Remember that you are dealing with electricity and the potential threat of an electric shock or spark is there. Always check the specifications of the charger before using it.


  • Brand

Some people believe that buying a product manufactured by a well-known brand is a wise approach. Well, it can easily be true, but some brands also have a few products that don’t lift up to the expectations of the brand itself.

Anyway, choosing a brand that has years of experience and is known to be one of the best in what it does can be a good decision. If you are not sure about the product or the brand, you can always read the reviews posted on the internet by other customers. Judge the brand by the reviews it has. If a brand has mainly positive reviews, then it is trustworthy and will most surely satisfy you. Nobody wants to buy a product and be disappointed after a few days.

  • Motor quality

The most important thing about an electric car is the motor. Therefore, you must inform yourself about electric cars motors. A motor breakdown can hurt your kid and eventually you, so don’t overlook this aspect.

The motor of these mini cars plays the part of the engine. Just like a real car, try and read all the specifications of a mini car motor in order to make the best decision.

There are times when the motor is the first thing that breaks down on an electric car. Do whatever it needs to be done before buying an electric car in order to avoid this kind of problems.

  • Safety

An electric car should have various features to protect your kid. There are cases of accidents when the car should protect your kid before you arrive. Usually, modern electric cars have different adequate safety features such as seatbelts, speed locks, and power lock brakes. There are also cars with remote controls, where you can literally control the car and avoid a potential accident.

In addition to this, you can get your kid some safety gear. While it can make your kid feel a bit weird, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that the seatbelts are buckled before letting your kid drive around.

It is also important to know when your kid is ready to push the car to the speed limit. Moreover, for better peace of mind, you can also get your kid a helmet and some elbow and knee pads. This way, you will know for sure that nothing can happen to him while driving.

  • Steering and controls

The steering and driving can help your kid develop cognitive skills as much as eye and hand coordination. However, since this is only a mini car, the car’s controls should not be very hard to be used. Children should easily understand how to use the steering wheel and how to control the car. An electric car is his first experience with driving so it should be something that will encourage him to go further with this new habit.

In terms of controls, a remote control is always welcomed by the parents. Also, the remote control of the electric car should not be very complicated to understand. However, it is important to know exactly the power of its signal in order to know how far you will let your kid venture. You don’t want to let your kid out of control when you don’t think that he is ready. He will, in the end, become independent enough, but at the beginning, you will need to keep an eye on him.

  • Strength and durability

If the material of the car deteriorates faster than it should, then there is something wrong with the quality of the car you bought. Plastic or steel shouldn’t break or rust that easily, so you can look for these materials.

A normal electric car for kids should be very durable because it is supposed to absorb possible impacts with a wall or a door. The manufacturers know that this car will be driven by a kid or a baby, so banging it in a wall is something that will probably happen quite often.

  • The preferences of your kid

There is a wide range of electric cars on the market nowadays. They come in various colors, patterns, and models, so it should not be too hard to choose one based on your kid’s preferences.

If your kid is into real cars, then you can buy him a mini Ferrari. If he likes superheroes, there are lots of cars with Batman, Superman or Spiderman designs.

After all, you buy this car for your kid, right? His opinion is what should matter the most.

  • Special features

These are the things that usually make the difference between these cars. There are cars with MP3 connection, for example. This is an important feature for yourkid because he can listen to his favorite songs while roaming around in the car.

There are also cars with FM Radio or even a key that will simulate the engine startup.

These little features will surely ease your decision-making process. Not to mention the fact that they are quite cool and cute.

  • Price

The price is usually one of the most important things that count when buying an electric car for your kid. A high-quality electric car, with a spacious interior, great realistic design, lots of features and a big battery that will run for hours will, of course, cost you a little fortune. However, if you know the distinctive features that make the price go higher, then you will probably know what to look for.

Anyway, a good piece of advice would be to never underestimate the safety features of the electric car. Do not compromise the quality over the price because, in the end, you and your kid will suffer the consequences. It is better to make a little investment than to buy something that will endanger your kid or will break down after a few weeks.

Cheaper cars usually have something that will give you a headache soon after you buy them. Investing in an expensive product will at least serve you best for a longer period of time.

Also, it is important to buy from a store that offers a return/exchange policy. This way, you will not feel like you wasted your money on something that broke in no time.

In addition to this, before buying a car, always compare at least five brands in order to get the best deals. The warranty years are also something to keep in mind. If a car breaks because its motor was broken, then the manufacturer is obliged to repair it for free if you have a warranty.

Also, choose the brand with the best ratings, because this way, you will know for sure that the customer satisfaction is high.

We know that the prices for these electric cars can be quite steep (about $300), but if you want to buy a quality one for your kid, then you should be prepared to make a little investment. However, you can always wait for some offers like those on Black Friday, for example.


Before buying an electric car, it is important to ask for your kid’s opinion. Some parents buy this as a birthday present and don’t have a pleasant surprise when they find out that their kids are not into driving. So, in order to avoid these kinds of situations, ask your child if he wants an electric car.

After you figured out that your kid is into this, begin the documentation. This process can go on for a while but it’s well worth it because you must invest in something that will be safe enough for your child.

Think of all the features that we presented in this buying guide and choose what you think that is best for your kid. The cars that we mentioned in this article are some of the best on the market, so you can definitely take them into consideration. They are safe and come with plenty of features to keep your children happy.

All in all, buying an electric car for your kid will surely bring him countless hours of pure joy while he cruises along in his new personal mini Lamborghini. Furthermore, while driving an electric car, kids will surely develop new sets of skills, such as cause-and-effect or eye-hand coordination.

Best Electric Cars for Kids
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