Awesome Gifts for Every Photographer 2018 Edition

Awesome Gifts for Every Photographer 2018 Edition

The art of taking photos is like painting a picture the moment the elements exposes itself. It has to be quick, on-point, but creative enough to capture the beauty through the lens. The person behind every monumental snap is a dedicated photographer who deserves the best camera bag and more accessories. It’s not easy to find the best gift for a photographer, but the items we listed here would surely contain the best one for your shutterbug friend or loved one.

These items are useful for the photographer’s job and shoot sessions. From camera lenses to camera models and technology items, we got everything covered for you.

Before making a purchasing decision, finish browsing our list to find the best gift for your photographer friend or loved one. With the right price that won’t hurt your pocket too much, you will surely find something of high value.

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The Perfect List of Gifts for Photographers

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Packed with advanced shooting abilities including 4K shooting recording, continuous shooting, in-frame grab, and a touchscreen display. Every photographer would love this digital camera’s versatility. The perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a photographer!

Witty Coffee Mug

Give that photographer a chuckle with a ceramic mug with funny and punny statements. It’s made of high-quality ceramic that’s safe to wash in a dishwasher and microwave. It’s best as a winter or Christmas gift to send your heartwarming greetings.

Vintage Camera Shoulder Bag

Make a photographer’s shooting full of safe adventures with this vintage camera bag made with cow leather. It can safely hold a camera and lens with more pockets for organization. A very useful Christmas or birthday gift.

Evolution of the Photographer Shirt

Let the special photographer wear his craft with a novelty t-shirt. It’s a comfy cotton wear they will love for work, school, or a holiday break. It even has a raglan style sleeves perfect to fill their Christmas stocking.

Blue Q Shoulder Totes

Photography paraphernalia in just one organized bag. This eco-friendly tote is made of 95% recycled materials. It’s waterproof and durable with zippered top and reinforced floor. A perfect bag for the photographer in action.

Camera Crystal Necklace Pendant

For the stylish woman photographer who wants to add glam to every shoot. It’s an 18-inch chain that looks like a unique necklace-slash-camera strap. Every subject would surely look nowhere as the necklace becomes the center of attention.

Crystal DSLR Camera Paper Weight

The perfect gift for the shutterbugs who love seeing cameras. This is made of hand-made crystal that will light up every desk or tabletop. It can serve as a paperweight or a house or office décor. Stylish gift.

Black-Leather Media Card Holder

Don’t let the SD cards get lost with this stylish card holder. This slips and fastens on a photographer’s belt so every memory storage card is handy. An avid photographer would not want to miss an epic shot.

Professional Photo Cleaning Kit

A clean camera lens captures the best photos. This complete cleaning kit consists of a spray bottle, air blower, cleaning pen set, lens brush, and MagicFiber cleaning cloths. A powerhouse equipment that suits any occasion as a gift.

Tea and Coffee Mug Cup

A photographer would surely love this cute ceramic mug with a camera design. It sports a retro look with a thick layer of insulation to avoid burning the shutterbug’s hands. A timeless gift for a photographer who can’t start the day without a cup of joe.


Panasonic Lumix LX100 4K

Compact but packed with manual controls like superlight capture, creativity, and multi-aspect sensor. It has the excellent Leica DC zoom lens, 4K photo mode, and 4K shooting mode. Your photographer friend would be thrilled with this gift.

Alpha Power Battery Charger

Let that camera running to capture the best moments. This charger pack can bring AA and AAA batteries back to life. It has an LCD screen that projects the charging status to avoid overcharging the batteries.

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit

A smartphone will turn into a powerful camera with this camera lens kit. It consists of glares, glass flare, low distortion, and 20 megapixel lenses. Mobile photographers would be excited with this gift, how about a sample shot?

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX10K Camera

With its smashing features, this camera is irresistible for a photographer. Leica optical zoom lens, 20 megapixel sensor, 4K HD video, 4K post focus, and F/1.4-2.8 aperture for the best focusing effects. It has a point and shoot camera body for an on-the-go photographer.

Battery Holster

Always keep a spare battery in hand with this holster. Never let a photographer run out of power by giving them this holster that slips perfectly on the camera strap and belt. It can hold a couple of AA batteries. A simple but useful birthday gift.

Camera Toilet Paper Holder

Bring the photography fun even at the bathroom. The shutterbug would surely love this retro camera tissue paper dispenser with a roll holder. It’s a unique novelty gift that can hold a full toilet roll. Send this as a gift and let your friend feel like he is being watched!

Photographer Funny T-shirt

Let a photographer friend know what he is made of with this funny Photographer Nutritional Facts shirt. It is printed with eco-friendly ink and pure cotton that comes in multiple colors. Stock this on their Christmas stocking or as a birthday gift.

Camera Lens Cufflink

These cufflinks will add more style to photographers who dress to impress. It has a camera design made of stainless steel and glass. This is a 1.6 cm jewelry that every guy would love. It’s a gift that never gets old.

Photography Shoulder Strap

The most important thing for photographers is to keep their cameras secure and within reach. This strap will do the job with its 30 cm neoprene pad and aluminum alloy connector. It even comes with a built-in underarm belt.

Car Camera and Heart Decal

Photographer onboard! Give this simple gift of high-quality sticker that can be pasted on car windows and other smooth surfaces. It will stick firmly and leave no ugly marks. A cute accessory you can give as a holiday gift.

Nikon COOLPIX Digital Camera

Give a photographer friend a new camera he would love. This has 20 megapixels for the perfect shot and a BSI CMOS Sensor for the best functionality. It has 70X dynamic zoom, 4K HD recording, and 35x optical zoom among its other specs.

Camera Print Scarf

Keep a photographer cozy and in-style. This polyester scarf has camera prints with super soft infinity loops. It’s perfect for outdoor and indoor shoots to keep them warm. The women behind the lens would surely love this.

OP/Tech Double Sling Camera Strap

Your photographer friend can now hold two cameras with ease. This has neoprene pads for comfort and the straps can also be a binocular holder. The Uni-loops are easy to disconnect and adjust.

Photographer Parking Sign

This vinyl sign is a funny and quirky gift for photographers. It has pre-drilled mounting holes so it can be hanged straight in the studio, door, or the parking space of his studio. This is added gag that even his subjects will have a good laugh on.


Wristband Set For Photographers

Photographers can now wear a piece of their lenses. These cute bands are made of silicone latex with a 202mm circumference. People who see this will know that your friend is a shutterbug. A perfect filler for their Christmas stockings.

Witty Photographer Shirt

This needle-sleeved shirt is lightweight and made of pure cotton. These statement shirts are funny and a total pride to wear among photographers. Send this as a gift to the special shooter in your life. Numerous colors to choose from!

Coffee Lens Mug

A lens? No, it’s a mug! Hardcore photographers would love sipping their drinks with this funky mug that looks like a Canon lens. It has a plastic material and a stainless steel exterior. As a bonus, it comes with a 16GB flash drive to store hundreds of snaps.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Mobile photographers will rejoice upon receiving this selfie stick. This has a tight screw mount and a stick that can expand up to 4.2 feet. It even has a mirror attachment for the rear camera. The device has 300 hours of standby battery life.

Fujifilm Digital Camera

It has a built-in ISO dial, eight-way focus leveler, 24.3 megapixels X-Tans CMOS Sensor. To join the awesome features is the lithium battery, wide-tracing AF modes, and X-Processor Pro. Perfect for the avid shooter expanding his camera collection.

DSLR Camera Bag Case

Don’t let a photographer lose an accessory by giving him this bag. It has dedicated pockets for cables, batteries, and memory cards. One camera and up to two lenses can fit inside. This is best for mirrorless, DLSR, and almost all cameras.

Tripod with Bag

No more shaky shots and videos using this tripod. It’s lightweight and works on GoPro, scopes, and still and digital cameras. The swivel and tilt motion allows for better photography and lots of excellent portrait shots.

Canon Wireless Remote Control

This battery-powered remote control works with any Canon camera, best for portrait shoots and low-light conditions. It eliminates vibration up to ten feet of range and is small enough to be kept on the pocket of your photographer friend.

Slim 11 Backpack

Give the shutterbug a place to secure his laptop, camera, and other small equipment with this bag. It can carry lenses and a wide variety of photography accessories in a highly organized manner. Best for outdoor photographers.

External Hard Drive

Every photo matters so this external hard drive would be a useful gift for photographers. No need to download and upload photos just to free up disk space. This 1TB password-protected external drive works on USB 2.0 and 3.0 as well as Windows 7, 8, and 10.

WIFI Sports Action Camera

Adventurous photographers would love this 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera with built-in HDMI and wireless wrist remote control. This can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and it can run for 90 minutes before the need to recharge.

Black Widow Camera Holster

A photographer who hates tangled camera straps? Give him a camera holster that attaches easily on the belt without the bulk. It holds the camera firmly and removes the dangling layers of straps just to bring numerous cameras.

Multi-Camera Harness

Let the special photographer always be ready to shoot with a multi-camera harness. It can hold up to two DSLR cameras not exceeding 5 kg. One harness can be removed for a solo camera setup. It’s safe to use and best for field work.

Photographer’s Playbook

A book that contains photography exercises, assignments, and projects for the aspiring photographer. There are acclaimed photographers featured here together with their methods. The perfect gift for someone learning the art of photography.

Portrait Photography Lens Kit

A pair of camera and lens with 36.6 megapixels, 3D color matrix metering III, Expeed 4 Image processing engine, and more. The best features are the silent wave motor, M/A focus mode switch, internal focus, and fast aperture.

Sony Digital Camera

Give the photographer a break from his bulky DSLRs with a Sony Digital Camera. It has 18.2 MP CMOS Sensor, and 10x optical and 20x clear image zoom lens. This produces 4K high quality still photos and motion shot video.

Wireless Color Photo Printer

Solidify every captured moment with the wireless color photo printer. This is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and your friend can conveniently print photos right away. It can also print photos from social media sites through the Canon Print Inkjet Sephy app.

Photography Portrait Studio

This lighting kit has a light stand pod, daylight saving bulbs, and white umbrella reflector for the professional photographer. It also has two carry bags for location shoots. Portrait shooting will never be the same once you send this as a gift to a photographer friend.

GoPro Carrying Case

For photographers with adventurous souls, bringing a GoPro or not is out of the question. This carrying case will secure all the GoPro accessories so you can pick it up when the need arises. Compact and tailored for photographers.

No-Glo Trail Game Camera

An outdoor camera complete with reflex trigger, 10 megapixel lens with HD video, 100 foot range, and low light performance. It can be set in manual shooting or burst mode. Perfect for capturing candid wildlife moments!

GoPro Hero 5

An avid photographer deserves nothing but the best action cam in town. The Hero 5 has 4K video and 12 megapixel still shots. It is waterproof and safe up to 10 meters even without the casing. Hero 5 can also playback videos for fast previews.

Canon Video Creator Kit

Produce the best vids with this kit composed of Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR camera, class 10 SDHC memory card, dual pixel CMOS AF with phase-detection, Rode VideoMic Go, and more. Your shutterbug friend won’t take his hands off this.

Camera Film Toilet Paper Holder

Add flair to a photographer’s bathroom by giving him a toilet paper holder designed like a camera film roll. It can hold the usual size of toilet paper and it can be mounted easily. Interesting prints to be produced!

DJI Phantom Professional Drone

Level up a photographer’s equipment with this professional drone with 20 MP camera, 4K video processing, and 1″ MP CMOS sensor. A shutterbug wouldn’t get enough with spectacular aerial shots on his next photo shoot.

WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Gone are the conventional glass frames with this digital image display. Create a slideshow of images from photos on social media and cloud storage sites through the Nixplay online cloud storage. Then like the other photo frames, it can be displayed on a friend’s living room.

Carbon Fiber Tripods

A strong tripod can withstand long photo shoots while you wait for the perfect shot. This suits prom booths, outdoor shoots, and sets that will take ages to finish. Your photographer loved one will thank you for this wonderful gift.

Outdoor Sports Kit

Straps and cameras on with this powerhouse set of outdoor sports gears for photography. The camera holders can accommodate almost all GoPro models. So let a shutterbug be in full battle gear before going to an outdoor adventure.

Camera stabilizer

A photographer with a bad case of shakes? Say goodbye to blurred images and fuzzy videos with this hand-held camera stabilizer. It doesn’t slip and it prevents low arm swing for the best shots using GoPro, DSLRs, and most types of camera.

Flexible Tripod

This tripod has wrappable legs and flexible feet perfect for stable 360 degree panning. It can hold up to 6.6 pounds of camera weight. A strong and lightweight equipment that will stand out in the arsenal of photography gears.

Mirrorless and DSLR Camera Backpack

Compartmentalized to house lenses, camera bodies, laptop, and small accessories, this bag is to die for. A tripod can also be hooked on the side of the backpack for a complete equipment for a fast-paced photographer who has to brave the weather.

Thermo-Steel Insulated Tumbler

A photo shoot during a winter day? This thermo-steel insulated tumbler that looks like a camera lens would be the perfect gift for a photographer. It is made of stainless thermos exterior and food-grade PVC inside. Whatever season it is, your friend would surely have fun with this tumbler.

Handheld Stabilizer

This handheld stabilizer will make angled shoots easy and precise. It can hold up to 2.7 kg together with the stretch adjustment and quick release plate compatible with almost every camera model. Excellent addition to a photographer’s equipment.

Nikon with ED VR Lens

Even the most serious photographer would love this camera equipped with EXPEED Image Processor, 20.9MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor, 4K UHD video recording, and a Multi-CAM 20K 153-Point AF System. It can shoot up to 200 fps. What else can you ask for?

Apple 13″ MacBook Air

Processing images requires a trusty laptop like the Apple 13″ MacBook Air. It has an Intel Core i5 with Turbo Boost processor, Intel HD Graphics 6000, 128GD of SSD storage, and more. As a laptop, it is a versatile gift for a photographer.

Carabiner Keychain

Photographers appreciate gifts that make their work easier. This carabiner keychain can be used to hold small accessories on a bag or belt. It’s a set of six spring-loaded clips made of lightweight and durable aluminum.

Bluetooth Selfie Remote

This 5-in-1 selfie remote is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and iPhone to take snaps minus the camera shake. It is powered by Bluetooth technology and easy to mount for wide angle selfies and quick shots.

Memory Card Case

The biggest pet peeve of photographers is losing memory cards filled with precious photos. It This card case bears 22 slots for most regular sized memory cards. The slots are encased in a zippered closure that is the size of a typical pouch.

Polaroid Digital Camera

Instant print for every snap. This Polaroid digital camera will be an adorable leisure gadget for a shutterbug who has Android and iOS operating systems. Polaroid prints are small and can fit to pockets or wallets.

Selfie Ring Light

Proper lighting should never go out even on personal selfies. Gives this clip-on selfie ring light to a photographer friend to unleash his best looks on every photo. It’s also perfect for front camera videos.

Memory Card Reader

Keep the images flowing with this pocket memory card reader that works in almost all memory cards formats like micro DSXC, SDXC, and the usual sizes. This is a direct plug card reader with no need for other adapters.

HP Notebook

This laptop has everything a photographer needs to process videos and images including a touchscreen display, DVD burner, Bluetooth connection, and exceptional graphics functions. A perfect option for a Windows laptop.

Compact System Case

For a smaller bag to store a camera and lenses, this compact case will suit a photographer well. There are dedicated compartments for memory cards, lens caps, and batteries. It can be hand-carried or used as a shoulder bag.

100 Most Influential Photographs

Let your photographer friend see the best shots as ranked by TIME editors. This eye candy is a precious gift that will surely make a shutterbug’s holiday.

Gift Buying Guide

It might sound absurd, but there’s always a photographer inside us. From the moment we decided for an angle to capture a photo through our phones, we start to explore the art of taking snaps. With that, it will not be too hard to pick a gift for a loved one or friend who is a professional photographer.

The rule of thumb is to give something that is useful or if not, funny enough to tickle their funny bones. If your friend has a complete set of equipment, a novelty gift would be preferable. Nevertheless, it’s always heart-warming to give something that they can benefit from long-term.

Best picks for gifts under $1000

Apple 13″ MacBook Air

This Apple laptop is unbeatable in terms of functionality and its sleek design. It’s lightweight too and easy to slip on laptop bags during location shoots. The Apple MacBook Air can last up to 12 hours depending on how intense the usage is. It also has three times faster WiFi reception than the past Macbook versions.

This is a bit pricey but the best gift for professional photographers. Its SSD storage is about 17 times faster and recovers from hibernation quickly. As a MacBook Air, this offers a 1440×900 px resolution which is reasonable for processing high-quality photos and 4K videos.

Wireless Color Professional Inkjet Printer

A printer is also a precious gift for photographers as it produces the solid products of their shoots. The best pick for this is a wireless model that can print both black and white and colored snaps. Unlike the usual printers, this wireless device can print 4800×240 dpi with a maximum paper size of 13″ x 19″.

This wireless Inkjet printer can produce crystal clear photos. It’s compatible with CLI-42 Ink Tanks that consist of nine photo colors. Regardless of the occasion, this will be an excellent gift choice.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 4K

There is no best gift for a photographer than a camera itself. The Panasonic Lumix LX100 4K is a powerhouse of controls. Its photo abilities include a 4k camera mode and a 30p 4K Ultra HD video and bears a 24-75 mm Leica lens that is also packed with features a professional photographer would love.

The main feature of this camera is its Bokeh defocus effect that improves the deepness and edges of your photos’ content. You can also shoot four exposures in just a single frame. A timeless, tinkering masterpiece.

Best picks under $500

Polaroid Digital Camera

For someone starting out to learn the basics of DSLR cameras, a Polaroid digital camera would be an adorable gift. Snapping photos and having it printed right away is a cute souvenir for family gatherings. This Polaroid camera has a 3.5″ touchscreen display and viewfinder. To develop the photos, a 2″x3″ Polaroid Zink Zero Ink Paper has to be used. The camera comes with a pack of 10 image paper.

This camera doesn’t need any toner or ink as long as you use the right Polaroid image paper. The Polaroid camera is compatible with most smartphones with Bluetooth connection.

HP Notebook

Some photographers may not prefer Apple laptops so you can pick the HP Notebook as a choice of gift. It has an Intel Core i3 processor and an Intel HD Graphics 620 for processing high-pixel videos and photos. From processing to printing, the 15.6-inch laptop and its 8GB RAM is a reliable tool.

It is Windows 10 compatible and it comes with a three-cell Lithium-ion battery. For photography or personal use, the HP Notebook is a perfect gift if you are low on budget.

Kattee Leather Vintage Camera Bag

For photojournalists and location photographers, this Kattee Leather Camera Bag is heaven-sent. This brand is known for its quality camera bags that are made of cotton in the inside and canvas in the outside for a water-repellent effect. The trim and straps of the bag are made from authentic cow leather which is very durable and not likely to tear even during continuous use.

This vintage camera bag is designed to accommodate camera brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Olympus both digital and DSLR models.

Best picks under $100

Crystal DSLR Camera Paperweight

For those who have a modest budget to purchase a gift item, the Crystal DSLR paperweight would be a fantastic option. First, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it’s hand-carved that adds to the artistry of the gift. The design of the camera is inspired by a 7D camera with an on-point replica of its zoom lens. It can be a weight for a bookshelf or a house décor.

WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Even if it’s affordable, this WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame is a unique gift that even your photographer friend would find amazing. Instead of giving out conventional glass frames, this digital display will project the images as a slideshow so the person can display dozens of photos in just one frame.

It comes with a smartphone app where the photos will be queued from different sources like Facebook, Instagram, and cloud storages. The photos will be safely secured on the Nixplay application. You can store as much as 10GB of photos.

Professional Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Photography isn’t always about large DSLRs and serious shots. Shutterbugs also let loose by taking their own selfies. With that, you can send a professional Bluetooth selfie stick as a gift. This has two phone mounts for smartphones and extra mirror accessory that can work even on thick devices.

The handle of this selfie stick can extend up to 49 inches for the best wide-angle shot. It’s also wrapped in a non-slip rubber for clear photos. The Bluetooth function can function for 300 hours on standby. Very affordable at approximately $20 but a very useful gift.

Thermo Steel Insulated Tumbler

For those photographers who love stocking up on their desks or shoots with cold and hot sips, this thermo-steep insulated tumbler is the best gift. It’s not just a typical tumbler, it’s a striking replica of a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM lens. Your photographer friend would surely love this and for such a low price, it’s a valuable gift.

With this long list of possible gifts for photographers, you surely have something to purchase. The price range is wide, and every kind of shutterbug would surely be thrilled.

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Lastly, here is our list of budget point and shoot cameras.

Awesome Gifts for Every Photographer 2018 Edition
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